To My Potential Partner,
Hi, my name is Willow Hooper and I am writing to you as I am seeking sponsorship for my 2024 Rodeo Season. I would like to align myself with small, local businesses that I believe would be a mutually beneficial relationship for everyone.  
A little about me! 
I am a 9 year old girl originally from Queensland, Australia who made the big move to Calgary, Alberta with my Mum and Dad in November of 2020.   
In the Summer of 2021, I had the opportunity to ride my first horse during a camp and immediately found my passion, moving into the Fall I was already enrolled in a regular season program and shortly after into my first Barrel Race Jackpot.  Both my Instructors and Parents identified a genuine talent and sincere ability in my riding as I spent additional time with various horses.  Since beginning of the completive circuit, I've had the opportunity to ride two horses; the first was “Six” who was an introductory Gelding with the second “Peaches” that is a Palomino that my family purchased for Christmas 2022.
Over the summer when not competing at rodeos, I worked at two different ranches - moving cattle, farm chores, assisting in horse training and colt starting. My school is a Montessori, it’s so much fun and my favourite subjects are Math, Music, Art and Creative Writing.   
I would like to introduce my team, my mum and dad, “Peaches”, my dog “Chicken Nugget” and my amazing instructor and rodeo traveling partner: “Alysha Marie”.  Along with all my family and friends that are supporting me back in Australia as well as in here in Alberta & down in Texas. 
To date I have competed in the following series with results:   
High River New Year Bash 2022 – Peewee Champion Buckle 
High River Barrel Racing Winter Series 2022/2023 – Peewee Champion
Bash It Up Summer Series 2022 – 1D Peewee High Point Reserve Champion 
Bash It Up Summer Series 2023 – 1D Peewee High Point Reserve Champion 
Future Cowboys and Cowgirls Association Rodeo Under 8-year-old division
          2021/2022: B Group.                                         2022/23: A Group
Barrel Racing: 4th Place                              Barrel Racing: Champion  
Pole Bending: 5th Place                               Pole Bending: 5th Place
Goat Untying: 3rd Place                               Goat Untying: 5th Place
Keyhole: 2nd place                                       Keyhole: 5th place 
Canadian Girls Rodeo Association – under 10 years old: 
               2021/2022                                2022/2023
  Pole Bending: 8th Place.           Pole Bending: 10th Place
  Barrel Racing: 7th Place            Barrel Racing: Average Champion
Double S Barrel Racing Summer Series 2023 - 3rd 3D Youth
Chinook Rodeo Association 2023 - Little Rascals Reserve Champion
Foothill Rodeo Association 2023 - Peewee Reserve Champion
My fellow under 10-year competitors and I are currently disrupting the way we are seen on the rodeo circuit!  We are running as fast as the top adults and youth, inspiring the future peewee competitors.  My average barrel race time at the Future Cowboys and Cowgirls is 16.134 seconds and High River Barrel Racing Winter Series is 15.840 seconds.  My fast time to date is 14.996 at the High River New Year Bash 2022. So with additional time and resources, we are guaranteed to see even quicker passes and further championships!  My rodeo goal is to enter the pro circuit within the next 5 years, so my family and friends here in Canada as well as back in Australia can watch me on the Cowboy Channel. 
And to help this come true, this year I am participating in following series and events.  
Rodeo Associations
Foothills Rodeo Associations
Chinook Rodeo Associations
Canadian Girls Rodeo Associations
Future Cowboys & Cowgirls Rodeo Associations
Jackpot & Single Races
Bash It Up Winter & Summer Barrel Race Series
Double S Summer Barrel Race Series
High River Winter Barrel Race Series
Big Bang Barrel Race
Yellow Rose Barrel Race
Twirl & Whirl
Alberta Barrel Race Association Finals
In summary, I’m one of those kids that stands out in a crowd, this makes me an ideal choice to promote your brand in the rodeo arena. I’ll faithfully represent your company with the utmost respect and integrity and provide multiple platforms to give your brand plenty of exposure.  If your brand or company is already a part of the rodeo community, I would be a bright, wonderful, all-round rodeo kid to represent what your company is all about.  Your company logo will be displayed in one/or more of the following methods: patch on my rodeo shirts, placed on my gear, and/or on our vehicle/trailer. Location of the logo is dependent on the financial contribution of each sponsor in addition, you’ll be promoted during our social media posts.   
We have Facebook, Instagram and TikTok pages, called: “Willow Hooper Rodeo”, our reach is between 2000-3000 views per reel average!  
Thank you for taking the time to consider me! It truly means the world.   For any sponsorship queries, or further questions please do not hesitate in reaching out.  I look forward to meeting you and your team along with representing your organization moving in the 2024 season.
Phone: 587-839-5932

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